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CAPS CLS Value Proposition  

CAPS offers customers integration to an existing operational environment that has had an excellent track record in processing CLS transactions. The implementation model is proven and draws on the unique knowledge capital that resides within CAPS given its experience in building and operating the utility. The shared service utility model further allows customers to benefit from the economies of scale that would not otherwise accrue to individual customers.

  Bringing Savings to our Customers

Dollar Costs
CAPS can significantly lower CLS operations costs for customers. Customers’ operations can benefit from the economies of scale that would not accrue to individual customers thus operating at the low cost/high volume end of the cost curve normally inaccessible to all but the largest players in the market.

Project Timeline
CAPS can dramatically reduce the implementation timeline to connect customers to CLS. CAPS has in place pre-existing operational components to reduce design, build and testing cycles. CAPS extensive CLS experience ensures delivery of premier quality service to customers. The availability of prepared processes, procedures and scripts all contribute to reducing project timelines.

Implementation Risk
Connecting to an existing operational architecture with the latest in STP technology reduces project implementation risks. Policies and tools in line with industry best practices are available to safeguard the security of all data from both internal and external threats. This has been independently certified by regulatory bodies.